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Claypoole Health Coaching, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, specializes in personal training and other health improvement programs.


Owner Scott Claypoole has over 30 years in the industry and works with clients of all ages and abilities.

Scott is a certified health coach and personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. He holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science and has specialty certifications in weight management and senior fitness. 

"As a health coach, my goal is to empower my clients with strategies to make positive lifestyle change. It is not about me giving a list of things to do, but rather creating a partnership in which the client dictates how he or she wishes to accomplish an objective. My job is to come along side and encourage, challenge and motivate. This has been and will always be my passion. I have had the privilege of investing in hundreds of individuals throughout my career, guiding them towards better health." 

~ Scott Claypoole

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Through a combination of proper nutrition, moderate exercise and behavior modification, individuals can reach a healthy goal weight.



Improved balance, mobility, strength and endurance can be achieved regardless of age, so clients can maintain their independence and quality of life.



Whether you are looking to increase your strength and endurance, better manage a chronic condition, or add a new fitness element to an existing program, personal training may be just what you need.



Programs are designed to improve the health and well-being of those in the workplace setting. Health screenings, fitness classes, mental health support, stress management training, and nutrition counseling can promote healthy behaviors, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs for employers and employees. 



COVID-19 has changed the way we do so many things in our day-to-day lives, including exercise. Virtual training sessions are a great way to stay healthy and in shape while remaining safe and connected.


Support. Motivation. Success.



"Why didn't I do this sooner? My work with Scott over these last two years has radically reshaped my views on how important regular exercise and attention to ones overall health and well being can be. With Scott's help and encouragement, my physical well being and attitude toward health issues in general has been most definitely, positively affected. I seriously wish I had met Scott years ago!"

Frank J.

“One of the best decisions I've made is trusting Scott to teach me how to re-gain control of my health and well being.  With him, there are no gimmicks or fads, just fundamental truths and a desire for you be your best physically, mentally and spiritually. His plan is flexible and he allows you to have an active role in creating a plan that works best for your personality and life style."

Deanna S.

“Scott is an excellent trainer because he focuses on the needs and goals of each client. In addition to exercise training, Scott's certification as a lifestyle coach means that diet, sleep habits, and stress management can be addressed in a holistic, friendly, and non-judgmental way. I highly recommend Scott for a personalized health program that is scientifically sound, sustainable, and fun!”

Eric E.

Happy Clients
Studio Address

3019 White Tail Circle, Fairlawn, Ohio 44333 \\ PH: 330-607-2845 

Contact me to schedule a free consultation.
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